My name is Thomas van Straaten and I am an instore media consultant based in the Netherlands.

After being granted an MA degree for my research on how sound affects us in retail and office spaces I went on to work for Mood, the world’s largest instore media supplier where I advised large (international) retail chains on how to effectively implement instore media into their marketing strategy. My approach is based on science which makes the effects and potential results more tangible for my clients. It also makes for a far more effective shopping environment!

After some fun years at Mood, I now moved to Consumatics, a leading research and consultancy firm in the field of subconscious consumer behavior. My role is “Innovator”, meaning I develop new business strategies and models to sustainably grow our company.

I am also a lecturer for Carin Frijters’ Retail Mastercourse in the Netherlands, teaching retail formula managers about the science of instore music.

Please note that everything I post on this blog is based on my own personal vision and opinions. I do not represent any company  and/or its opinion on my blog.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me!


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