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Hi all!

I have some exciting news to share: Triggerpulling is now Sonic Effect Blog!

As you know, I have been running Triggerpulling on the side, while working for several agencies in the field of consumer behavior and instore music. I found, however, that the philosophy of treating music as a functional and measurable part of the marketing mix is really hitting home with a lot of professionals. So I have decided to take the plunge and setup a consultancy agency in this field: Sonic Effect!

Sonic Effect will offer several services for brands, formulas and for suppliers of music, such as instore music suppliers. The goal is simple but ambitious: to raise the whole game. For too long, music has been treated as something intangible and mysterious. And even though it is just that, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply scientific methods and strive for measurable results. I will be helping companies world-wide in taking this next step.

Check out the main website here: Sonic Effect and feel free to reach out with any questions you might have via

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