Client case: Music in “Het Vlaamsch broodhuys” bakeries


Last year I developed a music strategy for “Het Vlaamsch broodhuys”, a Dutch chain of bakeries. The owner Dimitri Roels was interviewed by and shared his experience. Check out this great article (Dutch) via this link and learn what a proper music strategy can do in practice.

For Vlaamsch broodhuys we implemented a true multi-channel music strategy. Not only supplying the right music for use in-store, but also picking out an artist of the month every month and promoting him/her/them via social media, bringing the shop’s atmosphere into the home environment. After I developed the music strategy, the music programming was (and is) handled expertly by Heleen Biemans.

Vlaamsch Broodhuys - Google Chrome
















Oh and by the way, their bread is fantastic!

Thomas van Straaten
Instore media consultant

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