Why the right music can be the wrong music for your business


Musical preference is something very personal. Strategically implemented music for business is not. With many different stakeholders involved in a project like finding the right instore music or music for your tv commercials, personal musical preference can become a big issue. I certainly have run into it in my daily practice.

I have written multiple articles about the relationship between music for business and personal preference. In this article I will try to offer a complete guide on how to manage personal taste, making use of these previous Triggerpulling posts, as well as new information and insights.

Let’s take a look at the different stakeholders and how their personal preferences affect your strategic choices.

If you are reading this, chances are you are responsible for a retail formula, or marketing expressions. Challenged with the task to find the right music for your business purposes, your personal preference can become a real obstacle. It is very unlikely that you will advise your superiors to use music that you do not like.

Keep in mind though that you are picking out music to suit a specific commercial goal, be it enhancing a shopping experience, stimulating sales or maximizing the impact of a commercial. Try to accept the fact that the music that suits these goals best might not be to your personal liking. To make sure you make unbiased choices, approach your choices strategically and rationally. Ideally, ask external experts to help you. They know the tricks of the trade and can talk about music objectively.

Your target audience & customers
A common mistake is to think that the favorite music of your target audience is the best music to use in your commercial expressions. Learn all about it here: Should you play your customers’ favorite music?

Store personnel
Store personnel can be a real obstacle when implementing instore music. They have to spend all day listening to it, and this amplifies the influence of their personal opinions. Managing their personal taste is very, very important which is why I dedicated two articles to it in the past. I strongly urge you to check these out before rolling out a new musical backdrop in your shops.

Instore music and personnel part 1
Instore music and personnel part 2

Your superiors
If you are working in formula management, and you have to present and defend your plans towards your superiors, it pays to have a rational and well thought-out strategy when it comes to music. In this article I give some quick guidelines on how to proceed: The music strategy.

External consultants
Hiring an expert to help out with your music-related strategical choices can be a great idea. A neutral and well-informed external force can offer welcome new insights. Here’s how to make sure you are hiring a proper expert: Unmasking a less-than-average instore media supplier.

If you come across any other difficulties, feel free to contact me to have a talk about it!

Thomas van Straaten
Instore media consultant

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