Learn all about the latest innovations in formula management, including a course on music by myself


For my Dutch readers:

Carin Frijters is a Dutch retail expert who wrote “Prikkel de koopknop” (which I will be starring in, from the second press onwards). Now, Carin has organized an exciting event called the Retail Mastercourse. It is a series of masterclasses by retail experts that will cover many different aspects of creating the ultimate retail formula.

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching here among experts in other fields! Please check out this great event and enroll if you can. You will not be sorry!Flyer A4 2 PK

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  1. Afzal 2 maart, 2016 at 10:10 Beantwoorden

    Dec19 Well, they did it right they have the music playing all the time, as there is most likley a delay between when someone picks up, and the voice message starts. That way you don’t get that typical telemarketer pause, which is my cue to hang up.Just don’t get me started on the voice-response systems, where you can speak what you want providing someone already decided to include it in the options! Hello, UPS?!

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