Gut feeling risk


For a long time instore media have been surrounded by a cloud of mystery. Instore media suppliers liked to keep their business vague and intangible. A guru would be sent to retailers and he would tell them exactly what to do with visuals, music and scent. If you asked why he would say “trust me, I know what I’m doing”.

This has long worked in their favor. It is hard to put a price on something that is so intangible and voodoo-like. And it is hard to prove someone wrong if he does not motivate his choices. Now, however, the tide is turning.

Retailers are now more knowledgeable than ever. Shopper marketing has become a true science. They know exactly what happens if we move a display two feet to the left, or change the color of the walls from blue to red. These days every bit of instore marketing undergoes thorough analysis and has to deliver a good return on investment to be deemed worthy.

Instore media suppliers have collectively failed to hitch a ride on this science-driven train. And they are feeling the pain now. If everything else is measurable and calculable, how are you going to justify the investment for a huge media system without any empirical proof or clear concept?

It is great so see though that the world’s largest instore media provider, and not entirely coincidentally my employer, Mood Media is changing the tide once more. Investing full-on in knowledge and how to implement this knowledge we can consult retailers the way they wish to be consulted. Background music, instore visuals and aroma marketing are now true tangible and measurable parts of a retail formula. No more gut feeling!


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